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Page of 32 Go. Quick Links. See also: Administrator's ManualConfiguration Manual. First Communications. Table of Contents. Yealink T4 Series User Manual pages. Sip-t2 series; sip-t4 series; sip-t5 series pages.

This document describes the features of your Cloud IP PBX software, phone and web management portal, This guide will help you get up and running with your new phone system as soon as possible. Shows information about Touch Screen calls, messages, soft keys, time, date and other relevant data Toggles the registration mode.

Paging Key Resets the base station to factory settings. The base station will need to be near the center of the wireless coverage area. Once you press More, locate the Park soft key on your phone and press it 3. Instead of entering your passcode right away, when the prompts begin, press the At initial login, you will use the passcode given to you by your administrator NOTE to the Admin: This is included on the credentials spreadsheet you were sent 3.

Call the main phone number a.

One Talk Desk Phone - Activate / Set Up Device

Phone Tab This tab shows if the device is online, and how many shared call appearances are associated with this user. You are able to select the View Call Details link which would allow you to view more detailed call information. Once you have found the correct file, double click the file, then click Upload next to the browse button and Save at the bottom of your screen a. If you have multiple departments created for your group, you will need to do this for all of your Departments b. Make sure voicemail to email with wave file attachment is set up on your phone 2.Page of 30 Go.

Page 23 - Reboot phone or reset it to factory sett Quick Links. See also: Quick Reference Manual. Table of Contents. Page 3 Contents Bridge Line Page 4: Initial Setup Initial setup If your T46G desk phone is not already connected and set up for using the Verizon One Talk service, please verify the following with your system administrator before proceeding: 1. You have a One Talk number. The phone will automatically return to this screen after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Main window Status bar Line key labels Line key labels address Toggle between The phone is ringing or Fast flashing red downloading configuration files. You can configure your time zone to synchronize with the address that your system administrator used Setup and preference options for the following can be To change language of phone user interface Page 9: Display Settings Set time and date format preferences: Display settings Backlight There are four options for personalizing the LCD There are two options for setting backlight 1.

Press the Menu soft key while the phone is idle. Page Sound Settings Contrast settings: Screen saver mode Sound settings Configure your screen saver: Sound settings is where you can configure ringtones 1.

From Display settings, scroll to Contrast and and key tones keypad tones. Selecting a different ringtone than those of your neighbors can help 1.

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From Sound settings, scroll to Ringtones and 1. Before you enable Bluetooth, make sure the BT40 is properly press to select. Before setting up a wireless broadband connection, Your T46G comes with 22 configurable line keys. With the headset connected, press to answer an Press Ignore during an incoming call when you wish to To access additional line keys, press the incoming call, or enter a phone number and press Send trigger the Call Forwarding options you configured for Pages key last line key on the right of the screen to to make a hands-free call.

Press the Features line key while the phone is idle.

verizon t46s setup

Press the Directory soft key while the phone is idle. One Talk feature access codes 2. Monitoring and answering calls for a bridged number: 1. When a call is made to a shared line, it will appear on your screen.

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Page 19 Edit contact information: Search the directory for a contact: 1. Press the Directory soft key, then press All 1. Page 20 Delete a contact: Blacklist a contact from your directory: Remove contact from Blacklist: 1. Press the Directory soft key when the phone is idle, 1. Page Groups Assign a contact to a group: Delete a group: Edit a group: 1. Press the Directory soft key, then press 1. Press the Directory soft key.

All Contacts or the Group to which the contact belongs. Press Message button on the 1.Download Quick Reference Guide. Want to learn more? Register for an interactive, live training session.

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Note: For best resolution, click when viewing a screencast video to expand the view. Soft keys appear at the bottom of your screen and change depending on where you are in a call sequence. You select a soft key by pressing the physical button directly underneath it. Watching your soft keys is one of the most helpful things you can do when using your phone. In almost all cases, the thing you are most likely to do next in a call sequence will appear as a soft key.

Your browser does not support the video tag. Buttons are physical keys on your phone which are programmed and labeled to always perform a specific function e. The first time you access the Message Center, the system will walk your through your voicemail setup.

Note: If you have an extension-only number, your full digit number will be a customer prefix followed by your extension. If you do not know your customer prefix, check with your system administrator. The first time you access the Message Center for the forked line, the system will walk you through your voicemail setup. Note: Depending on the feature package assigned to the extension, sub-menus may vary slightly from those shown in the chart. Note: You may place a call by picking up the handset before dialing.

Just be aware the system will attempt to complete the call after a slight pause in entering digits on the dialpad. Note: You may place a call by pressing the speaker button before dialing.

Note: During a call, you can alternate between the headset, hands-free speakerphone and handset modes by pressing the Headset key, the Speakerphone key, or by picking up the handset. Headset mode requires a connected headset. When a call comes in, pressthe Answer soft key or the blinking line key. Press to enter the Placed Calls list, press or to select the desired entry, and then press the Send soft key. Press twice when the phone is idle to dial out the last dialed number.

Press or the Hold soft key during an active call. Press the blinking line key,or the Resume soft key. Note: If there is more than one call on hold, you may need to press or to select the desired call before you see the Resume soft key or are able to press to resume the call.

Note: If you have a button on your phone programmed as a speed dial, a one-touch transfer, or an enhanced monitor extension, you may press that button during an active call to blind transfer the call to that extension.The following topics will help you with common questions related to using your Yealink desktop phone.

Line keys allow you to quickly access features such as recall and voicemail. You can assign predefined functionalities to line keys and can define a label for a line key feature, which will appear on the LCD screen. The line key LEDs will indicate the monitored status when line keys are assigned with particular features, such as Busy Lamp Field.

Note: The default key type of line key is Line. Note : When the phone is idle, you can also long press the line key to configure it directly on the phone. This can help call visualization and simplify call handling.

verizon t46s setup

Incoming and outgoing calls to this account would be distributed evenly among the available line keys. Your phone can be configured to have a combination of accounts with a single line key and accounts with multiple line keys. To do this, you will need to configure within your My Account portal. Shared Call Appearance — You can use the Shared Call Appearance feature to share an extension, which is indicated by a different line icon. If two phones share a line, an incoming call to this extension will cause both phones to ring simultaneously.

The incoming call can be answered on either phone but not both. Calls on the shared line can be placed on hold, barged in or retrieved from another shared phone. Ring tones are used to indicate incoming calls. You can select different ring tones to distinguish different telephone numbers registered on your phone. To select a ring tone via your Yealink phone, follow these steps.

If you enable a key tone, the phone will produce a sound when you press the keypad. To configure key tone via your Yealink phone, follow these steps. Off The monitored user does not exist. To configure a BLF key via your Yealink phone, follow these steps:. This allows the LCD screen of the monitoring phone to display the caller ID when the monitored line receives an incoming call.

You can also enable audio alert feature for BLF pickup on the phone. If audio alert feature for BLF pickup is enabled, you can specify a desired ring tone to play when the monitored line receives an incoming call.

verizon t46s setup

To configure BLF ring type via phone user interface:. Missed calls will appear on the LCD screen, and callers will receive a busy message. All calls you receive while DND is activated are logged to your missed calls list. To configure Key As Send via your Yealink desk phone user interface, follow these steps. Backlight status can be configured to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen.

The backlight options include:.Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

Verizon One Talk Portal Walk Through

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. Verizon has been rebranding the Yealink T46g for a while now and there are a ton of used ones out there. Does anyone know if you can flash the firmware back to Yealink's?

The last time I tried to work with one, Verizon had disabled the web interface entirely. You can probably do this by setting up a tftp server with a default yealink fw and rom, then set the yealink to use that tftp server by going into Recovery Mode. I can confirm that holding the speaker button down during power up will get you in recovery mode. The specific values for XX depends on the actual model of the phone and why I asked what the firmware was currently.

At a minimum, assuming you block all external access this will enable you to get into the existing GUI. For anyone curious, recovery mode does not even query DHCP. Register Login. Yealink T46G - wipe Verizon firmware? This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Reply Quote 2 1 Reply Last reply. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. First, what version of firmware is on them? Power one up and push the OK button.

It should tell you. Create a yXX. Reply Quote 3 1 Reply Last reply. Loading More Posts 5 Posts. Reply Reply as topic.Page of 27 Go. Page 26 - T42S desk phone navigation guide soft k Page 27 - T42S desk phone navigation guide soft k Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 3 User guide Conference calling The desk caller who dials Press the Menu soft key while the phone is idle 2. Use the keys to navigate to Settings and press Enter to select 3.

Select the Basic setting and press the Enter soft key 4. The phone is defaulted to SNTP so as to synchronize the time zone with the provided address. Page 9: Line Keys User guide Line keys You will get a prompt to enter the extension number if left blank. Your T42S comes with nine configurable line keys. You can use them to create one-button speed dials for frequently dialed numbers.

To view all lines, press the 2 3 pages key on the idle screen to toggle to additional line key pages. From the Home screen, press the soft key next to the 3. Press to select the desired entry Intercom label 4. To blacklist a contact: From your directory: Press the Hold soft key during a live call. Press the Directory soft key while the phone is idle Resume a call.

Locate the contact you wish to blacklist by selecting If there is only one call on hold, press the Resume soft key.

Verizon T46G Quick Reference Manual

Page Bridge Line My Business 1. Press the Directory soft key, then press Blacklist Monitoring and answering a bridged line: 3. Scroll and select Call Forwarding One Talk helps ensure that calls are answered by associating 3. Scroll to find and select your forwarding preference lines with groups such as company departments.

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If your Always Forward, Busy Forward or No Answer Forward administrator has assigned your line to a specific group, and click Remote Group Pickup enables you to remotely pick up a group Page Call History User guide Call History Call History maintains a list of all calls that were missed, placed, received and forwarded. You can view your Call History, place a call, add a contact or delete entries from the Call History list.

Call History can be accessed from the idle screen or main menu. Page 16 User guide To search for a contact: To delete a contact: 1. Press the Directory soft key 1. Press the Directory soft key when the phone is idle, and then press All Contacts 2. Select All Contacts 2.

Highlight the contact you wish to delete 3.

Verizon One Talk: All you need to know

Groups help you more quickly find the individual s you need to reach. Page 18 User guide To move a contact to a different group: 1.The following topics review the accessories available for your Yealink desk phone models T42 and T For more information on your Yealink desk phone equipment, view the tutorials:. This Wi-Fi USB Adapter is a low-power, small form factor device and is an ideal office networking solution for organizations looking for an affordable and reliable high-speed wireless connection.

Wi-Fi adapters are available through Verizon. Please call Verizon to order. Receive calls wherever you are in the office with a Bluetooth connected headset. Compatible with Bluetooth specification V4.

Bluetooth USB adapters are available through Verizon. It features a large graphic LCD and two pages of 20 flexible buttons are shown on the display. It is approved for using with wireless models made by major manufactures, including Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser. Users can answer incoming calls through a remote wireless headset, terminate calls using a remote wireless headset key and incoming calls are signaled in the headset earpiece.

The plug-and-play mode gives you direct control of your Yealink phone, with the ability to answer and hang up calls remotely.

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It has been designed specifically to ensure maximum effectiveness in reception areas, call-centers and general telephone use. Note : The Wireless Headset Adapter is not provided by Verizon and can be purchased from a third party.

verizon t46s setup

The YHS33 USB Headset from Yealink is a professional headset with the over-the-head style that eliminates background noise and helps you get in your concentration zone and focus. Yealink T42 and T48 models can be mounted to the wall with a wall mount bracket accessory. Mounting your Yealink phone to the wall can provide additional space on a desk or table.

Wall mounts are also helpful for phones dedicated to specific rooms throughout an organization. Yealink models T42 and T48 require different wall mounts. The Yealink model T48 wall mount bracket is made specifically for the T48 model pictured below. Yealink Accessories. Start Here.

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